Alterra Coffee Roasters


At ALTERRA™ producing good quality coffee isn't just part of a day's work... it's a bit of an obsession.

1. We begin at the very source of coffee. We personally travel to coffee farms and work hand-in-hand on quality projects with independent farmers who are as passionate about coffee as we are.

2. We sift through dozens and dozens of samples to find the most outstanding beans. Working closely with our roasting partners, the beans are then roasted, revealing their inherent flavors and complexity.

3. We put in long hours testing, tasting, and adjusting to make sure that every pound of coffee we craft brings out the beans’ best characteristics and delivers a great cup of coffee with our distinctive big flavor

This passion for roasting coffee is evident in the consistency, flavor and quality of our beans and our enthusiasm in sharing fresh, flavorful coffee with everyone.
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